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Inground Liners

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We install and sell various types of liners for your inground pool.

Inground Liners

Piscine Sirius offers you the liner replacement service for your inground pool. Our liners are designed to the highest standards in the industry; our selection of inground pool liner’s is treated to withstand UV rays, damages caused by the sun or chlorine and ensure longevity of your pool liner. This quality will allow you to enjoy your summers longer.

Our team of experts will offer you a pool liner replacement of a quality that will meet your needs and expectations .Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions. Our Pool liners are guaranteed 25 years and like mentioned above, protected against UV rays. This will allow you to benefit and enjoy your swimming pool longer.

How do you want your swimming pool to look like ?

Premium patterns 10% more

Blue Slate




Trendy patterns

Belize Moonstone

Turquoise Island

Bronze Palace Blue Diffusion

Mountain Diffusion

Mountain Blue Diffusion

Silver Palace White Diffusion

Stanford Electric Blue

Contemporary patterns

Aquamarine Blue Granite

Midnight Blue Diffusion

Raleigh Blue Blue Pebble

Raleigh Grey White Pebble

Rocking Blue Electric Blue

Toscane Eurotile

Twist Wavy Tiles

Classic patterns

Bourbon Plaza

Sand Harbor Sandstone

Savannah Sandstone

Patterns without borders


Blue Diffusion

Blue Pebble

Bubbly Tiles

Electric Blue



Ocean Night


Wavy Tiles

White Diffusion


Bleu foncé

Vert turquoise

Bleu ciel

Bleu turquoise