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Above gound liners

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We install various types of liners for your above ground swimming pool

Above ground liners for your pool

Piscine Sirius offers you the following services: sales, installation and replacement of above ground liners for your swimming pool.

Our team of professional and courteous experts will offer you a quality of replacement service for your above ground liner for your swimming pool. Our selection of quality liners will meet your needs and budget with our competitive prices. Please feel free to contact us for any questions.

We offer several liners of superior qualities and are manufactured by companies known in the field of swimming pools. Liners designed by intelligent machines and rigorously inspected by specialists before being packed and delivered to our warehouses. The pool liners are guaranteed for 15 years by our manufacturers and resistant against UVs, bacteria, fungi, algae and chlorine to allow you to enjoy your pool in the long term.

Overlap Liners


Techno bois

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